18 August 2014

Last Week in Real Estate!

Last Week in Real Estate


Great Falls inventory numbers are finally starting to decrease! Not a huge sway but there are 201 active listings in Great Falls, still very high inventory but this is the first time we’ve seen that number float around 200 in a few months. Helping this number decrease was the number of contract that were ratified last week! Nine listings went under contract last week! The previous high for the summer was 7 ratified contracts in one week but I would say the average has been about 3. So 9 is good news for sellers out there! There are a total of 35 homes under contract in Great Falls. The homes that went under contract in Great Falls are below!

Address List Price DOMM
811 Leigh Mill Rd $2,850,000 225
1071 Dougal Ct $999,999 196
821 Leigh Mill Rd $795,000 139
10900 Lake Windermere Dr $1,150,000 104
702 Seneca Rd $1,085,000 89
730 Parrish Farm Ln $1,287,000 96
9500 Sagamore Spring Rd $924,000 54
10423 Artemel Ln $699,995 37
1107 Challedon Rd $699,900 28


The Reston Single Family Home market has remained pretty consistent. Three homes went under contract last week leaving us with 58 active listings. There are 31 total single family homes under contract in Reston right now. The homes that went under contract last week are below!

Address List Price DOMM
2022 Peppermint Ct $775,000 49
12020 Creekbend Dr $975,000 57
12121 Stirrup Rd $650,000 2


The Reston condo and townhouse market are pretty stable as well, we typically see the same numbers recurring week after week. The townhouse market has some of the lowest inventory it’s seen this summer but not by a huge amount. There are 91 active listings, 11 went under contract last week bringing the total number of townhouses under contract to 57! The condo market has pretty similar numbers. There are 108 active listings, 9 went under contract last week bringing the total number of under contract to 47! If you have a townhouse or condo to sell in Reston, get in touch with us now!

The Single Family Home market in Potomac Falls (20165) is also pretty strong, there isn’t a huge amount of inventory especially when you compare it to the number of contracts pending. There are 43 homes on the market with 34 homes under contract. Three homes went under contract last week.

Address List Price DOMM
30 Bentley Dr $387,000 27
47420 Middle Bluff Pl $750,000 31
20713 Woodthrush Ct $699,900 44


The Northern Virginia real estate market as a whole is pretty strong, every home type, price range, city, and even zip code is different though. The higher price ranges in Great Falls are still seeing lots of days on market and few buyers compared to the amount of inventory but if you have a single family home in Potomac Falls, it’s a different story. If you want to know more about your market, get in touch with us today!



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